Our girl crush for this week @funforevercamp. Image by Henrik Purienne. Full blog post over on Pilerats.com

"I go through phases with photography where, like fashion, I like a style of photography, then revert back to what I do/know best. For weeks I’d been scouring the internet staring at photos taken by kids like Dakota Gordon and Gavriel Maynard. The raw/tacky simplicity of it (namely Maynard’s work) had me intrigued. Of course when I found Ed, the owner of [Perth clothing label] Alreis Clothing, I wanted to fool around in the studio and take some fun shots. Maybe I didn’t quite pull off the perfect tacky look like Maynard’s - but our little team definitely had some fun dancing to beats and shooting this together. Tasha was a great girl to work with, I’ll definitely be hitting her up to shoot something very different again." Words by Naomi Craigs